The Case of the Crewes

Driving towards Pukekawa with my father, the irony that one of the victims fathers had been a suspect in the 1970 murders of Jeannette and Harvey Crewe at their Pukekawa farmhouse, wasn’t lost on me. A police roadblock prevented us going further along Highway 22 towards the farmhouse, so we continued on to take photos […]

Mona Blades – Lost Highway

Earlier this week I managed to drag myself out of bed at 6.40 am on a surprisingly mild winters morning as part of my plan to get to Napier before dark with a little detouring along the way. It’s still winter (sadly) as I sit here writing this with a bad head cold. An invitation […]

Jennifer Beard – The Body Under The Bridge

December 31st, 1969 in New Zealand’s West Coast was by many reports an idyllic, golden summer day. It’s not hard to imagine Jennifer Beard perhaps feeling a mixture of carefree excitement and mild apprehension as she left Franz Josef township to hitchhike to Milford Sound. Scarcely populated even today in the 1960s and 70’s New […]